I remember as a young boy playing in the forests, fields and lilac/mint gardens, there were always fuzzy little honeybees alongside my adventures, they seemed so magical, flying off to another world high up in the trees…I have been fascinated by bees since I can remember. Perhaps it’s in my genetics; my great grandfather was a mountain beekeeper for many years, stopping only when he realized he could go no further. I used to hide in the afternoon shade of his massive raspberry patch next to the tall corn and compete with the bees for the berries, little did I know of course as I scuttled the berries that they could’ve cared less: they just wanted the bright, tasty pollen from all the nearby blooms. It was a partnership made in heaven then as much as it is now, for some 20 years later I started my own Apiary which rapidly grew to what it is today, proudly picking up the torch so carefully set down well over three generations ago by the magnificent Ed Sullivan.

The Honeybee is in trouble, she needs our help and that’s what we will give them: help. What began as a national crisis a few years back is now a local crisis as disease and death abruptly erodes remaining populations of Honeybees, both feral and “domestic”. How can you help? Buy local, even if you don’t buy your honey here at Shipwreck, buy it at your weekend Farmers Market, say NO to anything on a store shelf that isn’t produced right here in Washington, take your State issued Beekeepers’ Certification test and learn how to keep a Hive healthy in your backyard. Ask questions, get involved! The more Hives we can support in our communities, the better chance these beautifully delicate creatures that we depend on for so much will have. Honeybees are solely responsible for pollinating 30% of our immediate diet, without them we are in deep trouble. Your support (via local honey, Hive participation, seed planting) will keep research going, science moving forward and beekeepers engaged in the very important business of bees.

Our mission is to spread the Honeybee as far and wide as we can, specifically to hardcore urban environments, rooftops downtown where hotels and restaurants can bring their own brand of honey, farmed onsite directly to their menus, spas and gift packages’. Most Restaurateurs’ anymore simply farm their own herbs and in some cases vegetables onsite, adding beehives is a two-fold benefit: pollination of said herb farm and the honey that it eventually yields. What’s unique is this farm might be on a terrace, 20 stories off the ground, or a rooftop 45 stories high. No matter what or where it may be, Shipwreck Honey is here to help; we have a professional, concise understanding of the special needs/nuances of Hotels and Restaurants and the prized guests who occupy them. We feel very strongly that there are very few challenges that cannot be overcome when placing Hives in these sorts of environments, we are confident in the added value not just fiscally but ecologically amongst your peers and guests alike; the physical footprint of each Hive is small, the ecological footprint however is vast. Use the contact form here to reach out and lets get to work!