Flyin’ High…

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..Was out in the shop this morning tinkering with semi derelict hive parts and Tiffany popped in with that look, the look where something cool has or is about to happen. She said we are doing your birthday early, we … Read More

The Beeline..

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I was out early last week on the Snoqualmie TPC golf course looking for the black bear I was certain had just been near my hives, I had my eyes to the ground with the occasional glance up towards the … Read More

Georgetown Carnival!

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This Saturday, come see us at the Georgetown Carnival from noon to 8; we’ll have our soap, lip balm, shirts, mugs and of course our honey onboard! Look for the bright yellow canopy and we will be there peddling our … Read More

The Great Monsoon of 2014

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Rain, more rain….nothin’ but rain. Its monsoon season here in Seattle and if that wasn’t a thing before, it is now. Our workshop sits 5’ above sea level…sound level…whatever you want to call it. We are soaked…its crazy how much … Read More