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We like using everything we can from our honeybees so applying our immaculate honey-cappings beeswax as an ingredient in our soap was a no-brainer. It took 10 generations of recipe tweaking to get our decadent bars where they are today and if you’ve used our soap, you already know how good it has become. Each season we offer one or two specialty bars to celebrate the time of year, these are limited run bars that only last as long as the season they are released in; Spring, Summer etc. When acquiring the items needed to produce our soap, we have only one vendor from out of State, everything else we get right here in Washington and Seattle, from small businesses just like ours, it’s a great thing we like doing to keep the full circle community component in place. Example: we use organic goat’s milk in our soap which comes to us from a farm in Moses Lake, which in turn we buy from West Seattle Produce. Its small business helping small business, and when you buy from us, you’re also helping them. Pretty cool huh?

We work very hard to keep our honeybees happy and well cared for;  in exchange we get some of their harvest. This soap honors our relationship with them and demands an attention to detail you can only find in items like this that truly are hand made, to the very ounce. We want you to love our soap as much as we do and we thank you, for buying local.

So what kind of soap do you want? Let us know and we will find a way to produce it. Need gift favors? We are already doing a wedding package with mini bears of Shipwreck Honey and custom little soap bars. The sky’s the limit! Meanwhile where can you find Shipwreck Soap around town? The roster will grow quickly but for now you can find us here online, catch me on the street or visit these stores to get your bar:New Boxes

Salish Lodge, Snoqualmie

Portage Bay Grange,  U-District

The Soap Box, Pike Place Market

Issaquah Grange and Supply

Husky Deli, West Seattle

Muckleshoot Casino Gift Shop, Auburn

West Seattle Nursery

West Seattle Produce