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Handmade Soaps

This soap reflects our commitment to a healthier lifestyle/less waste and as such demands an attention to detail you can only find in items that are truly handmade. 
Each bar averages 4.4 oz each and is made from scratch at our proprietary facility by us, using only the best ingredients. Applying our beeswax to the soap recipe is just another way we use everything provided from our bees and help build a better, longer lasting and healthier product for our family and yours. Our skin nourishing goat milk is organic and farm direct right to us, the palm oil is RSPO
certified (sustainably grown) allowing us to deliver a superior product without harming the natural balance. We are deeply inspired by traditional northern culture that expertly displays each of the four seasons and our soap reflects these passions with deep, rich notes and lathers. Our creative offerings ebb and flow with the seasons, we are always in change so check back often for new.


Properly cured, handmade soap will last a long time if kept dry between applications, use a draining soap dish and keep it away from direct, extended streams when not in use. We use the cold process method and this is good for all purposes from shower to hand-sinks. Made with the following: Organic olive oil/natural beeswax/castor oil/organic goat milk/grapefruit seed oil/coconut oil/palm oil (RSPO certified)/sodium hydroxide & essential/fragrance oils. Each bar is fully cured before becoming available to market, ensuring a long lasting product.


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