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Creamed Honey (8oz tub)

Shipwreck Honey

creamed honey describes raw (liquid) honey that's been seeded with fully crystallized (hardened) honey then churned/whipped and set using specific speed and temperature. Nothing is added and nothing removed, we simply reduce the honey crystals to a very fine size in a uniform manner, delivering a perfect honey consistency. The resulting product is incredibly smooth and silky honey that is permanently suspended between liquid and solid. Totally spreadable, and incredibly delicious, this is an unreal addition to toasted sourdough, tea and even pizza crust! Because its a spread instead of drizzle, its very easy to manage and makes no mess plus it's incredibly delicious and textural.

To open, remove both security tabs on opposing side of the tub and gently peel the top lid back. To close simply apply pressure on the lid to snug it back down onto container.
Each 8oz clear-view tub is BPA free, FDA compliant plastic with a snap lock lid and tamper evident seal, see photos.