Raw Honey - 9 oz Hex Jar

Shipwreck Honey

9 oz glass Hexagon vessel. Our current offerings are from the 2019 honey flow in a 30 mile (east-west) string of outyards starting at sea level in West Seattle and ending in pollen and nectar rich Snoqualmie Valley. Wildflower blossom features Cherry/Maple/Plum/Huckleberry flower during the first honey flow of the year, from Late February to early June. Following that incredible cycle we begin our traditional blackberry honey flow which is 90% blackberry flower with the season beginning in late May with harvest in mid-late August. Color is a wonderful display of provenance in every honey, the Wildflower is a classic light gold honey and the blackberry has darker tones with more seasonally progressive flavors. All our honey is raw and meticulously curated from our hives all the way to your home, we use a strategic mix of honeybee species depending on location and arrange each outyard in correlation to active space the bees need for healthy long term pollination (no cramped spaces to overburden populations), this ensures the highest level of sustainability for year over year success. With over 13 years beekeeping experience in Western Washington we are confident you will love the delicious, nutritious outcome of our work with the honeybee.