Propolis Tincture

Shipwreck Honey

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Enjoy the vast health and immunity benefits of this incredible product from the honeybee. At first sign of any flu like symptoms, take a few drops every couple hours, keeping your immune system energized and strong. Most users will ingest this twice daily, once in the morning and once at night to keep immunity levels high. This is a powerfully concentrated and fully natural immune booster broken down in pure grain alcohol at our facility. It is both antimicrobial (fights infection) and antiseptic (kills bacteria) and comes primarily from three bee-yards in the Seattle area featuring dense groves of cedar, pine and poplar which gives the propolis its deep red color and incredibly fragrant appeal (smells like deep forest and willow buds). Propolis has been used mechanically and medicinally since ancient times, from treating wounds to treating stringed instruments such as violens and harps. This massive vial will last you a very long time. There may be minimal residual propolis settled at the bottom of your vial, this is natural and consumable.