Beeswax Candle - Honeycomb Pillar

Shipwreck Honey

Pristine and pure, our meticulously curated beeswax candles burn strong and clean, neutralizing toxins and household pollutants. Each candle is carefully poured by hand in our candling room, the wicks are 100% cotton, contain no accelerants or synthetics and these candles produce zero soot. The light from our candles is bright yet soothing to the eye; the naturally occurring fragrance is sweet and gentle, reminiscent of our hives, deep into a warm Summer day. Keep your wicks trimmed to ¼” and make your first burn last at least an hour so the bowl of the candle can set properly. Don’t burn candles unattended or within reach of pets or children.

Candle is 4/7.8" tall and 2/.25" wide.