Apothecary - Beard Oil

Shipwreck Honey

Beard Oil shouldn’t break the bank so we switched up “the rules”; now your beard can stay soft and healthy while your wallet stays fat and happy. Introducing Fading Frontier Beard Oil, in a generous 2oz glass bottle with spray atomizer: Simply spray in and brush down, no more messy hand application that only delivers half the intended serving, now you get more and use less. The spray pattern is a non adjustable direct stream style so you can pinpoint with laser accuracy the areas you want to focus on the most. Our elite blend of Argon, Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oils, along with Vitamin E and Essential Oil treats the beard and skin below for nourishing comfort and total strength; we add just a touch of Bergamot essential oil to each batch for a perfect non intrusive finish. This unit was designed for beards, BY a beard; we know exactly what it takes.