Soap - Gardeners Soap Box Collection

Soaps included are as follows: Beekeepers Bar: lemongrass, thyme, chopped lavender, rosemary and thyme Lilac/Sweet Pea: lilac, plumeria, strawberry, sweet clover, sandalwood and sweet pea. Honeysuckle: White Magnolia, honeysuckle, lily of the valley, plum, grapefruit and freesia. Lavender Cedar: with notes of camphor and pine Unlike our regular individually sold bars, each soap in the collection is hand-beveled on all sides to ensure their perfect fit inside a subtle, matte-black 7”X 5” box with crystal-clear poly cover, complemented by a cardinal red or gold 10” elastic ribbon bow-tie positioned diagonally across the box. Inside the gift box, each 4oz bar of soap is individually wrapped in seasonally festive gift paper sealed by a silver tab then snugly placed together in an overlapping fold of bright yellow gift paper, creating a beautifully layered, sunny presentation fitting for such distinctively floral soaps. On the front facing display card (secured inside the box against the clear poly cover) you find iconic Spring garden imagery nestled against a background which matches the interior presentation cohesively. On the reverse (interior) side of the card is the soap legend and detailed descriptor which is placed to match each bar as it sits within the box. (See images and notes for precise details.)

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